The Function Room

The Function Room

The Function Room is the main function area, that can provide tables and seating for up to 100 diners and is best suited for large functions. It provides a mixture of fixed booths and loose tables and seating, allowing the space to be changed as required.


  • Private bar and toilets
  • Stage area for speeches or band/DJ
  • Separate music system, connected to Spotify
  • Dance floor lighting
  • Wireless microphone
  • Big screen TV, connected to computer
  • Capacity: 100pax seated/150pax standing
  • Minimum requirement: 60pax, $100 to secure room, non-refundable

The Restaurant Fixed

The Restaurant Fixed

The Restaurant Fixed is the West side of the main restaurant, easily roped off to make it reserved for smaller functions. It provides a mixture of fixed booths and fixed banquet seating.


  • TV, connected to computer
  • A variety of booths and banquette seating
  • Capacity: 40pax seated
  • Minimum requirement: 30pax, subject to availability

The Restaurant Flexi

The Cosy Nook

The Restaurant Flexi is the East side of the main restaurant. It is a highly configurable space as it offers a mixture of fixed booths, fixed banquet seating and multiple loose tables and chairs, making it suitable for events like quiz nights and speed dating etc.


  • TV, connected to computer
  • Capacity: 49pax seated
  • Minimum requirement: 40pax subject to availability

The Cosy Nook

The Cosy Nook

This is a partitioned area within the main restaurant, offering 2 large booths. It is suitable for small groups or those wanting a quieter sectioned off area of the restaurant.


  • Capacity: 14pax seated
  • Minimum requirement: 12pax, subject to availability

Terms & Conditions


A payment of $100 is required to secure the Function Room, which is non-refundable. In the event of a cancellation, the deposit is forfeited.


All functions and bookings must be on time or contact us in advance if there is a change in time or cancellation, so we may make any necessary adjustments.

If a function or booking is over 30 minutes late without notifying us, we reserve the right to reallocate the tables and seating to other customers.

An estimated start and finish time is required for all functions, as we may have other functions booked prior or after said function, so to not clash, and so everyone is clear as to their time limits.

Liquor Licence Conditions

  • Monday to Sunday, the latest we can close is 2am
  • The Restaurant area is an ‘undesignated area’, meaning anyone of any age may be in there for the purposes of eating and drinking non-alcoholic beverages.
  • The Function Room is a ‘supervised area’, meaning it is restricted to people 18yo or older, unless supervised with a legal parent or guardian.
  • The Gaming Room is a ‘restricted area’, meaning no one under the age of 18 is allowed within.
  • We cannot serve alcohol to anyone under 18yo, and we reserve the right to ID anyone. ID must be either a valid Passport, NZ Drivers Licence or HANZ 18+ Card.


Guests are welcome to decorate as they please, provided it does cause any damage to our fixtures or fittings. You are welcome to come in throughout the day and decorate, staff will be on hand to answer any questions and assist where they can. We are happy to change around the table layout at your request. The only decorations we do not allow is glitter/confetti or balloons filled with confetti.

Music and Entertainment

In the Function Room, guests are welcome to use our music system, we use Spotify, you can create your own playlist and play it on our system, this is the most popular choice of our Function guests. Alternatively, you may choose to organise your own music, such as a band or DJ, we are happy to offer suggestions.

Payment Options

  • Any Tab’s must be organised by the function host before the start of the event, explaining who is responsible for payment of the Tab at the end of the function.
  • If you wish to subsidize drinks, this will need to be organised with the Duty Manager at the beginning of the night.
  • All Tabs must be paid in full on the night, no exception.
  • Any invoicing requests must be approved by the Directors in advance.

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